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Vazeh general questions

We hope that with the publication of the Quran Vazeh book, we have taken a step towards easier understanding and greater familiarity with the Holy Quran.

By referring to the store page on the Quran vazeh website, you will be faced with different printed models of the Quran Vazeh. After choosing the desired color and size, you can complete other items to purchase the product.

The first edition of this Quran was published in 1396

You can find the prices of the products by referring to the store page on the Quran vazeh website.

Yes, after the publication of the printed version, the Quran Vazeh book will also be published in electronic form.

Quran Vazeh with clear pen has taken a new step and introduced a new font to the world in the Quranic space, a simple and functional font that includes all audiences of different ages, a font that is designed and made based on Iranian principles and culture.

Quran Vazeh online store general questions

We hope that we have taken a step towards easier shopping and quick communication with the Quran Vazeh with the Quran Vazeh online store.

Online payment is done through bank payment terminals. When placing an order, you can choose one of the payment terminals and pay the order online with your card information, including the 16-digit number, expiration date, and second password. In the online payment method, if the payment is confirmed, the order is automatically converted into an invoice and placed in the preparation list.

Contact us by phone or send a message through the contact page.

Currently, you can only receive your order through the post office. All over the country, orders are sent by registered mail.

Unfortunately, in exceptional cases, due to problems in the payment terminal system, the connection between the bank server and the bookstore server, or other unforeseen situations, there is a possibility of deducting money from your account and not confirming the payment. Normally, the bank’s payment terminals return such transactions automatically and the money is returned to your bank account within a few minutes or at most a few days.

If you are not there when the postman visits, they will visit you again according to the postal rules. If you are still not present, they will place a receipt with the number and date of visit at the place, so that you can use it to go to the post office and pick up the package. If you do not return within a certain period, the package will be returned to the sender.

vazeh application general questions

We hope that by using the Quran Vazeh application, you can have a new and pleasant experience of connecting with the Holy Quran.

The Quran Vazeh application is an application for reciting, understanding and familiarity with the Holy Qur’an, which offers you facilities such as recitation with the voice of prominent teachers, smooth translation and various interpretations, search and marking, etc.

The Quran Vazeh application offers you a new experience of interacting with the Holy Quran by providing unique features and features. Some of these features include: Simple and attractive user interface The possibility of reciting the Quran with the voice of prominent teachers Smooth translation and various interpretations Search and mark verses The possibility of learning and memorizing the Quran Providing educational and explanatory content Ability to share verses and commentary with others And…

Yes, downloading and using the Quran Vazeh application is free for all users.

You can download and install the Quran Vazeh application for free from the App Store and Cafe Bazaar. After installation, by creating a user account and logging into the program, you can benefit from its various features.

Quran Vazeh does not currently provide direct educational services. However, you can access various educational and commentary content through the Quran Vazeh application.

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