Quran Vazeh change in fluency and reading quality of Holy Quran

A knowledge-based project in the production of Quranic products, which aims to create a revolution in reading the Quran fluently.

About Vazeh

Quran Vazeh is an international project based in IR Iran

The main and important goal of those involved in the “Vazah” script is to reach the Quran with a script that all sections of the society can use, and the communication with the Holy Quran among Persian speakers will increase day by day. Meanwhile, the use of pure Iranian art in decorating the Holy Quran has been considered as one of the main factors in the presentation of this Mushaf.

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Quran book whit Vazeh font

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About Quran Book

The Quran vazeh project was created to produce Quranic products and the goal of the project is to simplify the study and promotion of the Quran and Quranic sciences in print and digital space.

Rich and artistic
Understanding the Qur’an and the capital in it and providing the best solution with Iranian art in conveying this issue to the reader.
Legible and clear
During these 3 years, Vazeh Quran has tried its best to provide the best clarity to its audience in reading the Quran.
Powerful Services by pixfort
It is incredibly capable while still being easy to carry with you everywhere.
Iranian Graphic Designers Association

Honored in the Silver Cedar Biennial Iranian Graphic Designers Association

Iranian Graphic Designers Association
Astan Qods Razavi

The honor of attracting the attention of Astan Quds and the contract to print the holy Quran with a clear Quran

Astan Qods Razavi
Association of font Designers (USA)

Obtaining the most prestigious international design mark Font from the Association of Pen Designers (USA)

Association of font Designers (USA)
Vice-Chancellor of Qur'an and Atrat and Organization of Darul-Qur'an-ul-Karim

Approval and supervision of the Vice-Chancellor of the Qur'an and Atrat and Dar Al-Qur'an Al-Karim organization on the Clear Qur'an project

Vice-Chancellor of Qur'an and Atrat and Organization of Darul-Qur'an-ul-Karim
Ofogh roydad Creative Company

Design, production, printing and publishing exclusively by the company and creative publications of Ofogh Roydad

Ofogh roydad Creative Company
The most reliable publications

Collaborating with Yosha, Payam Adalat and Burhan Noor publishing houses to provide a product with a variety of printing

The most reliable publications
Creative companies development program

Obtaining a creative company license from the deputy presidential science and technology

Creative companies development program
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We provide Quranic services to more than 3k Iranian users

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A selection of images and events from the past, focusing on the Quranic Vazeh project in the last few years Your unique welcome to this knowledge-based project

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