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It cannot be claimed that the Quran is effective in our personal lives as it should be and as it should be in the public affairs of society and people. Personal and social benefit from the Quran has levels and stages, and every person and society can benefit from it according to their capacity, but the prerequisite for this benefit is reading; In the beginning, the text of the Quran should be read in the simplest possible way. Since the beginning of the revelation of the Quran, many changes and transformations have occurred in the Quranic script, and in different periods, according to the growth of civilizations and societies and the change in the artistic and aesthetic tastes of the people, major terms have been encountered that have led to greater simplicity and better readability. The Quran Vazeh and the mission of the team behind it is to create a product for easier and more correct reading of the Holy Quran.

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Book Features

Simple and readable

Simple and readable

The readability of the Quran is more important than anything else. The Vazeh font was designed and developed specifically for this book within 3 years.
Exclusive design of each letter (more than 500 characters).
Typography and Arabicization of each word of the Quran (more than 21 thousand words).
A simple, modern, unique and compatible line in the digital space.
Calligraphy design based on Iranian art and the taste of Persian speakers.
Ease of daily use of the Qur'an book with a different and fancy design
Iranian and modern

Iranian and modern

The Quran Vazeh book was designed and produced based on the current standards of the world, also Iranian culture and taste were considered in the design, this book introduces itself as a modern, standard and Iranian book by considering all these issues.
Regular angle of characters
Considering the Iranian taste
Recognizable and regular letters
Accompanying the rich Iranian Islamic culture
Proper use of translation and interpretation
Practical and universal

Practical and universal

The Quran Vazeh book has been rewritten by the best designers many times over the course of 3 years; User needs are well known and easily accessible; The best arrangement of verses in this book has helped people of all ages to communicate with the Qur’an.
Small details for everyday use
Avoiding many weaknesses and complexity
Suitable for all ages
Paying attention to and applying different points of view
Choosing the text of Rasam al-Musaf (standard) or Rasam al-Mala (simple-Qiyathi).
Beautiful and exquisite

Beautiful and exquisite

Providing a product that is in harmony with art and rich originality and is beautiful and attractive in terms of printing and appearance, and has attracted many audiences.
Preservation of the authenticity and historicity of the Quran
Considering deep Iranian culture
Research and analysis of other appearances of Quranic books
The best cover and printing in book design
Gilding for the beauty of the clear Quran book
Quality and durable

Quality and durable

The material used in printing and sewing this book has helped to have a different and lasting quality
Maintain resistance and durability
Attention to the daily use of the book
Suitable weight for carrying and use
Maintaining beauty while being durable
According to the taste of the audience, the book cover is produced and offered in 5 colors.
Medium Octavo

Medium Octavo

Medium octavo is one of the most popular standard book sizes in Iran. The dimensions of a medium octavo edition of the Holy Quran Vazeh are approximately 23.5 x 16.5 centimeters (9.25 x 6.5 inches), and the weight of this book is approximately 980 grams (34.7 ounces).

Majestic Medium Octave “Quran Vazeh”

All “Quran Vazeh” products are available in the exquisite Medium Octave with a variety of covers and colors.

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Pocket Octavo

Pocket Octavo

This size is perfectly suited for a small, portable book and is very popular. The size of this edition of the Holy Quran is 21 x 14 centimeters (8.27 x 5.51 inches), which is roughly equivalent to A5. The weight of this book is 600 grams (21.16 ounces).

Pocket Size

Pocket Size

Pocket size is a standard book size commonly used in Persian and other languages. It is a small size that is convenient for carrying around, making it a popular choice for novels, short stories, and other smaller works. The exact dimensions of a pocket octavo book can vary, but they are typically around 16 cm x 10.5 cm (6.3 inches x 4.1 inches).

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