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Quran Vazeh silver cover

Economic Medium Octavo

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Quran Vazeh, silver-colored galingo cover, is one of the most popular series, Quran Vazeh, which has found many fans among those interested in the vazeh project, the special and attractive color of this book conveys a good feeling to the audience when reading the Quran.

Using the best possible material in making this product and using one of the best possible prints has made this Quran unique.

The features of this product include:

The translator of this book is Shih Hossein Ansarian, who was used for the first time in the second edition of this translation.
Due to the limited space between the lines, instead of reducing the size, the size has been kept constant and the addition of translation has been moved to the margins.
In the printing, four common colors are not used and all the colors are specially made and the image is printed uniformly and without dots.
The most suitable color, cream color, has been used to create a suitable contrast with the text for eye comfort in reading.
The most appropriate weight of paper, 80 grams of writing, is used for reading and durability and not seeing the back of the paper.
The best automatic devices available in Iran have been used, which ensures the durability of work for many years as a result of the quality of compaction and strength.
Hardcover is used in making this book, hardcover is one of the oldest types of book covers. This type of cover is also known as hard cover..and it is easy to clean and also resistant to water and fading.

Product Specifications:

Number of pages: 604
Pagination: Osman Taha
Cut off: Waziri
Number of lines: 13 lines
Dimensions: 21.5 * 17.5
Weight: 1 kg

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 8 cm

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